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Altitude Skywear

Altitude Skywear Camo "Sky Therapy" Skydive Jersey - Long Sleeve

Altitude Skywear Camo "Sky Therapy" Skydive Jersey - Long Sleeve

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Elevate your skydiving gear with our limited edition Camo “Sky Therapy” Skydive Jerseys, designed by Altitude Skywear. These jerseys, crafted from premium Taslan fabric, offer a lightweight yet durable solution to the high-speed demands of skydiving. With a design that ensures a perfect fit, whether paired with a jumpsuit or worn solo, these jerseys are a celebration of both form and functionality.


Material: Crafted from high-quality Taslan fabric, these jerseys offer a balance of lightweight comfort and robust durability, perfect for the dynamic nature of skydiving. This fabric's adaptability ensures a snug fit for all your aerial adventures.

Sizing & Fit: Designed for skydivers, this jersey comes in a fit that complements your form, whether in free fall or navigating the drop zone. Its precise design accommodates wear with or without a jumpsuit, ensuring a perfect fit for every skydiver. For a more relaxed fit, consider sizing up to match your comfort preferences.

Design: Our Camo Skydive Jerseys feature a distinctive camo pattern, tailored for the skydiving enthusiast. The thoughtful details, including a color-matched rim, handle, and inside, promise not just utility but style that stands out in the sky or on the ground.

Eco-Friendly: Sourced with sustainability in mind, these jerseys reflect our commitment to responsible manufacturing. Every jersey is a step towards minimizing environmental impact, made with practices that ensure a better planet for future generations.

Impact: With every purchase, you're not just buying a jersey; you're supporting a community of adventurers and a spirit of daring. This jersey symbolizes the unity among skydivers and the shared thrill of the sport.

Versatility: Perfect for any skydiver, novice or seasoned, our Camo Skydive Jerseys adapt to your needs, offering a combination of style, comfort, and performance that's hard to find elsewhere.

Fly high, stay bold.


Blue Skies and Safe Landings.

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